Canadian Wintersports Corp (CWS) is a family owned business, who’s roots go back to the late 1970’s. CWS has witnessed both the growth of Nordic skiing in Canada and has been part of it’s evolution. Canada is an emerging nation on the Nordic scene and CWS wants to continue to be part of its growth.

With all the rapid changes to equipment, waxing and accessories it’s difficult for the average skier to stay current. However we believe that skiing is really quite simple! We want to demystify ski choice, waxing and other aspects of skiing and make them more understandable. We have a “no-nonsense” technical team that consists of professional and dedicated individuals with broad and varied experience, that we bring together to help skiers, coaches, retailers and anyone else who needs or wants information about the sport.

We Practice What We Preach!

Our merchandise is world class. We know our products, we know how they work and we use our products; we practice what we preach! The basics of cross country skiing has not changed much over the years…we want you to understand this. We also want you to know our products and how they work. Therefore we give reliable information based on objective outcomes from our collective experiences; this benefits us all.