Performance, Design, and Fashion

Fashion is one thing and performance is another. They are tested, achieved, and valued in very different ways. Every item sold by Canadian Wintersports is tested and chosen for it's performance first. Once we know we have exactly the right product criteria, we search the globe for the right brand. There aren't many, but we do find them and are so proud to bring them to Canada.

It has become increasingly difficult to find truly well made products in the last few years. Many manufacturers produce hats as simple accessories to complete their line. However something as seemingly simple as a hat can have a great influence on our outdoor winter experience. Warmth, wind blocking protection, and moisture management are key to keeping us comfortable and safe during winter activities. A good hat is hard to find and a good looking, technical, European made hat is even more rare. Kama specializes in knitted hats, pullovers and accessories, including: headbands, balaclavas, facemasks, neck warmers, gloves and scarves.

Completely unique and unbelievably comfortable backpacks from Point 65 Sweden.