Finite Ski Tools

AceCo is an industrial manufacturer that produces precision products for several industries including; food processing & packaging knives, wood processing tools, knives & cutters, semiconductor components, and etch/lcd components. AceCo has 120 employees at their three plants located in Boise, Idaho. Production is underway on high quality ski base tools for the cross country racing market, under the FINITE SKI TOOLS brand. 

AceCo’s President, Raliegh Jensen has been ski racing for over 30 years and he passed his love for the sport onto his sons, Eric and Joe. Many in the Western U.S. ski community know the Jensen brother’s as ski racers and still top level master’s athletes. They each won multiple medals at both the 2008 World Masters Championships and National Masters Championships; including gold in their respective age groups. Raliegh, also brought his sons into the manufacturing business and each has run a Division of AceCo for over ten years.

Eric Jensen

“We have the engineering design capability, machinery, and many years of experience to manufacture precision tools. It’s a natural fit to combine this with our ski experience to produce a base structure tool of the highest quality,” says Eric, “Some elite level racers and teams heard of our efforts and used the tools in their races. They have enthusiastically encouraged us to make the tools available.” 

AceCo designed and tested 5 different tool bodies and 30 different structures before settling on the body and structure rollers being offered for the 2008-09 ski season. They are offering a two roller kit, a five roller kit and individual structure rollers. This tool is World Cup worthy; the difference is that this tool is obtainable whereas the European tools cost up to US$2000. 

Joe says, “The quality and price point will make the Finite Finish tool the industry standard. Our goal is to get them into the hands of racers at a reasonable and affordable price.”