KAMA – A brand with a story.

The year is 2014 and it’s been 25 years since Mahulena Pertlová founded her family business and knitted her first hats. Since then, the company has grown and the brand KAMA has been very successful on the knitted sportswear market.

Kama specializes in knitted hats, pullovers and accessories, including: headbands, balaclavas, facemasks, neck warmers, gloves and scarves.

Since its founding, KAMA has manufactured its products exclusively in the Czech Republic. Its top priority is to keep the high quality of its products as well as the possibility to respond to demand quickly. KAMA measures its success not only in terms of good economic indicators, but also in terms of satisfaction of its customers and business partners and the achieved brand awareness.

Arrival of the second generation of owners to KAMA’s management is not only a huge contribution, but also a great enhancement of the company’s dynamism. Klára Pertlová and Adam Pertl have brought a new team to KAMA, giving the business new energy and writing new pages in the company’s history, while observing all the principles of past success. The young enterprisers, who saw the birth of the family business through their own eyes when they were children, are KAMA’s members and managers today.

On a number of occasions, KAMA has received great feedback from its satisfied customers who have created a strong emotional attachment to the brand. They describe their achievements in sports as well as other remarkable moments they have experienced with KAMA products, making KAMA a part of their lives.

The brand KAMA is defined by the originality, quality, and functionality of its products. On this account, it has achieved a certain level of exclusiveness on the market and will always strive to maintain it. Only a product that really satisfies or even pleasantly surprises its user can guarantee its producer’s stable future.


Kama is the official hat of Biathlon Canada.