About Magnar Dalen

Magnar Ski Wax is a product made only in Sweden by Magnar Dalen. The content of the wax and the manufacturing process is and will remain a secret according to Magnar. The recipe has come after years of testing with the Swedish and Norwegian national team. Magnar waxes provide extremely good grip and can withstand large temperature changes before grip deteriorates.

Magnars experience as head wax technician of both the Norwegian and the Swedish national team means that this wax has seen the highest levels of competition and has the toughest grip conditions in the world. These waxes have been used in many medal winning victories on the World Cup, the Olympics, and in the Vasaloppet. Magnar personally promises a wax with better grip, better glide, and superior durability.

Temperature Range and Conditions

No. 1: -8C to -15C. Special wax for new snow and dry climate. Very good qualities for glide. Works very well as a cover for more aggressive waxes. 

No. 1.5: -5C to -30C. For Dry Cold snow.

No. 2: -6C to -12C. A cold wax for all types of snow. Best for Transformed and Granular snow and High Humidity. Even good as a cover for more aggressive waxes. 

No. 3: -2C to -7C. Universal wax for all types of snow. Covers a large range of temperatures and gives excellent grip. Works amazingly well when the temperature is rising from cold to warm. An excellent klister cover. 

No. 4: 0C to -2C. Special Wax for very difficult conditions around 0C. Gives excellent grip and it’s always good to try before switching from hard wax to klister.