Red Creek Ski Roto Brushes


Red Creek is a progressive and innovative company that has established itself as a leader in waxing technology in just a few short years.

Our RotoBrushes are used by more than 100 national teams ranging from cross country skiing to ski jumping, alpine and snowboard.

We are at the forefront with our rotobrushes but we have also recently developed very effective hand rillers used extensively and successfully by cross country skiers.


Red Creek didn’t invent brushes for cleaning wax out of ski bases but we did invent the rotating brush or roto brush that attaches to a high RPM prortable drill. We were the first to develop and market this as a viable and effective ski prepping tool.

Initially hand brushes were used but the brushes that are effective for floors do not do a good job on ski bases; the bristtles are not stiff enough and they are too thick. Red Creek has developed a system of brushes that are both stiff and very fine.

Fine, Stiff Brushes

Today ski bases need sophisticated and complex structures to make them glide optimally. Often the structure has linear or transverse patterns that are very fine. Since the patterns (structure) are very fine, brushes with very fine bristles must be used.

The problem with very fine fibres/bristles is that they bend easily; a fibre that bends is not very effective. However, short bristles don’t bend as easily as longer ones.  At Red Creek we have understood this for some time and subsequently use short bristles on most of our brushes. They simply work better to remove excess wax and dirt from the base thus optimally exposing the structure.

Hand brushes are very effective, and Red Creek has a full assortment, but when a wax tech has multiple skis to prep the Rotobrush system speeds up the process considerably.

Manual Rillers

Red Creek has come out with a 8-piece sturdy, effective rilling system that has you covered for all snow conditions. Being that each riller is a complete tool, you can purchase one riller at a time and add to your ski prep arsenal as the need arises!!!

Stonegrinding first and then Rilling

Stonegrinding does an excellent job of getting the skis close to ideal performance, howeverskis need to be fined tuned with conditions specific structure that stonegrinding alone cannot produce. The Red Creek Riller is just such a hand tool that can be used to create specific structure for a variety of snow conditions and for a variety of ski types. The structure enhances not only glide, but the general feel of the skis as well.

For best results use very fine stoneground skis – these are most versatile and will give
the best outcome under most conditions. Rilling is the last step of ski preparation and
is therefore done on a waxed and brushed pair of skis.