We choose our brands with great care, only importing high quality products that we know well. We work closely with our suppliers to gather information at the source, and to give feedback to the suppliers. We use and test our own products, welcome feedback from customers and users, and pass on all the knowledge we have to retailers, coaches, and athletes.

Ski Wax

Rode grip waxes are found in every good wax service technician's box. The good news? They work and you don't need a national team level wax budget to get them!

Red Creek of Sweden introduced their Super Glider LF and HF paraffin glide waxes in 2015. They are already being used on the World Cup and in European National races. They're fast and durable but what makes them even more interesting is that they can be heated in by iron or cold applied and roto-corked as a top layer.

There are two reasons to use Magnar Ski Wax: When there is no room for compromise on grip quality and when nothing else works!

Finite Ski Tools are precision made in the USA by AceCo, the same company that manufactures the innovative K-Edge chain catcher and precision made bicycle mounts.

Fast, efficient, and safe! The MasterPower Cold Apply Ski Waxing System buffs on a high grade specially formulated glide wax that is being used at Nordic and Alpine ski races around the world.

Roto & Hand Brushes

Red Creek. A progressive and innovative company that has established itself as a leader in ski tuning technology. Red Creek invented the roto brushes to be used as an effective ski prepping and finishing tool. Red Creek rillers are a cost effective rilling system for “serious” skiers. Red Creek equipment are used by more than 100 national teams ranging from Nordic skiing to ski jumping, alpine and snowboards. Red Creek is Canadian Cross Country Ski Team sponsor.

Finite Ski Tools are precision made in the USA by AceCo, the same company that manufactures the innovative K-Edge chain catcher and precision made bicycle mounts.

Performance, Design, and Fashion

It has become increasingly difficult to find truly well made products in the last few years. Many manufacturers produce hats as simple accessories to complete their line. However something as seemingly simple as a hat can have a great influence on our outdoor winter experience. Warmth, wind blocking protection, and moisture management are key to keeping us comfortable and safe during winter activities. A good hat is hard to find and a good looking, technical, European made hat is even more rare. Kama specializes in knitted hats, pullovers and accessories, including: headbands, balaclavas, facemasks, neck warmers, gloves and scarves.

Completely unique and unbelievably comfortable backpacks from Point 65 Sweden.


Swenor has been manufacturing rollerskis for 25 years and have built a global brand that is second to none in terms of design, quality, durability, and true ski feel.

Nordic Ski Poles

If you think your first experience with Exel left you with great memories, then don't wait any longer to try the new line of Exel poles.


Passion for X-C Skiing - Peltonen started making skis in Finland in 1945 and now, over 70 years later, they are still investing in their Finnish ski factory in order to make fast skis and also the best skin skis in the world. The result: Peltonen's current ski production and selection technology is now surpassing that of their largest competitors. They are producing better skis in a more precise and consistent manner, which translates into a better ski performance for everyone.

Ski & Rollerski Bindings

Just 90 years new, Rottefella continues to push the envelope of ski binding innovation at just the right time; Weather patterns are changing, ski selection is changing, and Rottefella is staying way ahead of the curve with products that are expertly engineered to address the dynamics of our body's in motion.